The Arizona Muslim Voice: California Call In Training Successful

(Anaheim – 5/27/2003)- On Saturday May 24, 2003, CAIR Southern California (CAIR-LA) held a “Radio Call In Training” at its anaheim office. About thirty participants came to learn techniques on calling and speaking on-air to thousands of Peoples.

The need for providing this training comes at a time when hate talk against Islam and Muslims in the media, especially on radio. Leslie Marshall, veteran radio talk show host who has been on all major radio stations and currently works for MSNBC, gave tips on how to get the message across. Among the advice that Ms. Marshall gave was that being calm on the radio always is the best approach.

“The purpose of this training was to empower the community to deal with the attacks on Islam and Muslims. It is our duty to learn and use the correct tools in the media to combat stereotypes and show the true face of Muslims and Islam in America.” said Sabiha Khan, CAIR LA Media Relations Coordinator.

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