Tom Conway: Star-Spangled Knockoff

An American flag made in China is not an American flag. It’s a knockoff. New York Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara wants a guarantee that flags flown at New York events and on New York poles are made in America. He introduced legislation last week to require that after learning millions of flags are imported annually. Good… Continue Reading

Leslie Marshall on Outnumbered FNC 9/18/19

Leslie Marshall on Outnumbered FNC 9/18/19

Leslie Marshall discusses Lewandowski contentious House panel testimony; NY Times blames editor for Kavanuah story mistakes; prominent political donor, Ed Buck, arrested after third man overdoses in his house; calls for sanctions on Iran after Saudi oil drone strike; Ocasio-Cortez backs Dem challenger to Dem congressman; Warren is asked how to pay for Medicare-for-all, “Outnumbered”,… Continue Reading

Tom Conway – Even the Grim Reaper Favors the Rich

Regular exercise and an apple a day may help to keep the doctor away. But to live a long, healthy life, it helps to be rich. Income inequality is a pox on America. The rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer. CEO pay keeps rising while workers’ paychecks have been all but flat for… Continue Reading