My 15 Minutes Of Fame…

When I was about 5 or 6 years old, my grandmother brought me to New York City and we walked up and down Fifth Avenue.  I remember looking in the shop windows and hoping the mannequin would wink at me as they had at Marlo Thomas on my favorite TV show at the time, “That Girl.” They didn’t.  I think it was Marlo Thomas that got me interested in show business.
Perhaps it was being the only child for nearly 8 years and the only grandchild or niece for 5 that put in me the desire to be the center of attention.  Who knows.  I guess I’ve been searching for my 15 seconds of fame for a long time.  I sought it out in plays I did in High School and College.  I sought it out by dating the President of one of the fraternity’s at college, the big man on campus.  And then I sought it out by being on radio and eventually television.On radio, I have worked nearly everywhere it seems: Boston, Miami, Washington DC, Providence, Buffalo, Houston, New York, Milwaukee, West Palm Beach, Cleveland, Chicago, San Francisco, Sacramento and L.A.  About 7 years ago, I started doing television to further that hunt for the 15 seconds: MSNBC, Fox News Channel where I did shows like “Hannity & Colmes, ” back in the day and “Kudlow & Co” on CNBC. I was even a regular member of the varsity panel on “The Dennis Miller Show” on CNBC.  As I improved my skills on television, I was asked to be on Anderson Cooper on CNN, “Showbiz Tonite” on HLN and then came Prime News & Issues with Jane Velez on that network too.   Fox started a business channel and I did “Happy Hour,” “America’s Nightly Scoreboard,” “Bulls & Bears” and on Fox News Channel, “Your World With Neil Cavuto” and then finally, after a long hiatus, “The O’Reilly Factor.”

Now I’ve been on the radio over 22 years and I am syndicated for the second time around. My articles have been published in reputable places like “US News & World Report” and I’m seen on national television nearly everyday, definitely every other.  Believe it or not, perhaps because I live in Los Angeles; home to the Hollywood types and dozens upon dozens of stars, I had given up on that 15 seconds.

Now I know some of you reading this might think “Leslie, please, you’re on national radio and television- you get more than 15 seconds- you get hours! But it’s not the same thing.  I’m content, happy, truly and stopped seeking it-the feeling of that 15 seconds of fame.  Then the other day, when I had completely forgotten @ Ms Marlo Thomas, I was going into the hair salon and an older gentleman stopped me. He asked me if I knew him and I had to admit, I had never seen him before ( I never forget a face).
He said I looked familiar, asked where he might know me from…for a moment I thought….does he “know” me from t.v.?….quickly my crazy idea turned around when he asked if I worked at the hair salon. I said no, just a client.  As I turned to walk into the salon, the old man grabbed my arm and said :”Wait, I know who you are…you’re Leslie Marshall! I’ve seen you on the O’Reilly Factor!”  I nearly fainted. Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills amidst the big celebs and
someone not only recognized me, but they knew my name.
Now I’d like to lie to you and say “it didn’t feel as great as I thought it would to have my 15 seconds…” but it did, it felt awesome and he was awesome. He said he didn’t agree with a thing I said, but respected me for saying it. He asked for a hug rather than an autograph and I obliged.  So…..I got it…the 15 seconds…it felt great…..and you know, I could’ve sworn that the mannequin in the window in the shop next door actually winked at me!

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