Midterm elections – These are the two things that get every voter to the polls

Tuesday, November 6th is the midterm election and by looking at the data thus far, this will be a historic year; if only by the number of voters that have cast their votes thus far.

Historically, there are certain things that get people out to vote. Although Republicans normally have a higher turnout in the midterm elections, even their numbers have risen and Democrats, who often stay home during a midterm election.

So what gets these people out?  For some it’s the economy, for some, it’s social issues. Name recognition statistically is a big factor.  But this year, there are two things I believe that will get everyone who has registered to vote, off their couch and to the polls.

Love and hate.

For the Democrats, they love the opportunity to unite a very divided nation.  They absolutely love ObamaCare and some are hopeful that in the future, Democrats will bring about a single-payer option, “Medicare for all. “

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