Leo W. Gerard:  Dying for Work

Leo W. Gerard: Dying for Work

Across America, people are dying for work. It’s not because they’re unemployed. It’s because they work for corporations that don’t care if they die.

Every day, 12 workers die on the job in America — often because a corporation has defied regulations or ignored standard safety procedures. Many more die prematurely from work exposure to toxic materials.

If corporations are people, as Mitt Romney and the Republican majority on the Supreme Court claim, then their privileges as humans come with the responsibility to act humanely. Corporate-people must fulfill their obligations to workers and communities. Profit can’t be their sole raison d’etre. That’s not how it is with flesh-and-blood people. If it were, then society would condone profit-motivated murder, like killing a parent for insurance money. Now that they’re people, corporations have an even greater duty to prevent deaths on the job. And if they don’t, they must be held accountable in criminal court the same way a money-grubbing son would be if he murdered his parents for the life insurance.

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  1. I saw you on FOXNEWS. You came across as the LIBERAL HYPOCRITE that all LIBERALS are. Here is just one example: You tried to hold up RUSH LIMBAUGH, a private citizen & the GREATEST talkshow host ever, to the same standards as Obama, who is sitting in as THE PRESIDENT of the GREATEST COUNTRY EVER, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I hope you agree with me that the President of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA should be held to a higher set of standards than a talk show host & private citizen? I don’t think you do if you are comparing Rush with Obimbo who sat in a RACIST BIGOTED HATE MONGERING CULT of a Church for (20) TWENTY YEARS.

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