One Percenters Stuff Their Pumpkin Pie Holes

This Thanksgiving, in dining rooms across America, the turkey will be smaller, the stuffing more meager, the pumpkin pie sliced thinner. Gratitude will be given. But roiling just below the surface, for far too many families, will be economic anxiety. The vast majority of working Americans haven’t seen a real raise in 35 years.Meanwhile, every… Continue Reading

The Terrible Legacy of Unenforced Trade Laws

Over the past several weeks, as Alcoa and Century cut aluminum production nationwide, James Markus, a 23-year-veteran aluminum worker, acutely felt the pain of those laid off. That’s because just two years ago, in October of 2013, Markus and 750 fellow aluminum workers lost their jobs at Ormet when the Hannibal, Ohio, smelter closed. He… Continue Reading