Leo Gerard: GOP Defrauds Voters

The GOP is working desperately to deny the right to vote to citizens it doesn’t like. You know, poor people, black people, Hispanic people, old people, female people, especially people it believes are inclined to vote for Democrats. Republican politicians have hatched a multitude of schemes in states across the country to accomplish this gambit,Continue Reading

Teamsters Call on Rush University Medical Center to Bargain in Good Faith

RUMC Refuses to Bargain with Newly Organized Patient Care Technicians (CHICAGO) — Teamsters Local Union 743 denounced management at Rush University Medical Center (RUMC) today, for continued refusal to bargain with the more than 230 patient care technicians (PCTs) that overwhelmingly voted to become Teamsters on Aug. 29. In a Sept. 11 memorandum to PCTs,Continue Reading